Rumor: Capcom Working On “Major Title”

According to what appears to be a powerpoint for an investor presentation, Capcom plans to announce a “major title” before the end of this fiscal year, which is around April 1st 2017. There is absolutely no further clue as to what it may be, though the source is addressed as Capcom Working On "Major Title"

There are certainly a lot of titles gamers would like to see from Capcom, as this company is responsible for Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Marvel vs. Capcom, Devil May Cry, Okami, and Dead Rising. However as most of their games have had releases recently, it’s tough to say which game this “major title” will be.

There was a trailer back in 2013 for a game called Deep Down, which we haven’t heard from since. It was supposed to be a medieval mixed with modern times multiplayer dungeon crawler. That was about it, besides anything you might glean from the trailer, but all of that was pre-alpha footage. That usually means it’s only the bare bones of the final game, and concepts change all the time during development.

There is also a planned remake of Resident Evil 2, which started development in 2015. Around now would be pretty good timing to announce that title, but I feel they would have named that one in such a report.

It is tough indeed to say exactly what Capcom could be announcing soon with this leak. It might even be an entirely new IP, so your guess is as good as mine until E3 hits.


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