Rumor: Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

According to few folks on NeoGAF, there has been a rather suggestive addition to the site that may indicate that there will be a Nintendo Direct next week. The addition comes in the form of a placeholder image on the Japanese website before being replaced by a blank space. Indeed, the same thing apparently happened last month before the Arms and Splatoon 2 Direct, and the Nintendo Direct before that too.Rumor: Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

With E3 only a month and bit away now, it makes such an event somewhat superfluous depending on what Nintendo is planning on presenting. Any major title should really wait until E3, unless Nintendo wishes dig their heels in and insist that E3 is not the most important event of the year.

If so, it could be the long awaited Pokémon Stars, to compliment the Pokémon Sun and Moon games. Maybe we’ll be really lucky, it’ll be an announcement for all three on the Switch. Mario Odyssey is also an option for them to detail, but again I feel they should really save the big ones for their Treehouse event. As long as it doesn’t involve two hours of of watching someone else play, I’ll be happy.

It could also be a string of smaller titles being announced for the Switch, and maybe another glimpse into Splatoon 2. In this way, they would offer more details on what has already been announced. Maybe after Monopoly we can have a chess game on the Switch.

However, this is all speculation due to a slot being opened on the website. A Nintendo Direct has not yet been officially announced by Nintendo, so we’ll have to wait and see if there is any truth to this one.

What would you like to see the next Nintendo Direct before E3? Let us know in the comment below!


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