Battlegrounds Is Coming To Consoles Soon

In an interview with Business Insider, developers PlayerUnknown’s creative director Brendan Greene mentioned that they are working on a port for Battlegrounds to Xbox One and the PS4, though they do not have a time frame for either. Battlegrounds is currently in Early Access on Steam, so the developers have a long way to go before it ends up on consoles. However, the plan is there and fans can look forward to sharing their beloved game with friends who don’t have gaming PCs.Battlegrounds Is Coming To Consoles Soon

According to Greene, it won’t be a difficult port either, as Battlegrounds runs on Unreal Engine and once the PC version is done, their resources will be focused on porting to consoles. Greene stated that they simply are not capable of doing both at the same time, so fans will have to wait for the coming months.

Battlegrounds is an MMO survival game centred around FPS and Battle Royale style gameplay. The idea is that players fight for resources, like weapons, health, and ammo, until they are the last man standing. All of this takes place on an 8 x 8 km island, so it can definitely get a bit crowded on occasion. If Battlegrounds comes to consoles, it would certainly expand it’s audience to more diverse players. For example, as I’m not particularly talented at shooters, I’d probably be the guy camping out in the swamp with the best sniper rifle there is.

Do you look forward to Battlegrounds being on consoles? Would you play it if it did? Let us know in the comments below!


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