WATCH: Injustice 2: Everything You Need to Know Trailer

The release is only a little over a week away, Warner Bros. has released yet another trailer for Injustice 2 showcasing the features of the main campaign. In it, you’ll be deciding between factions lead by Batman, Groilla Grodd, Superman, Brainiac, and rogue characters like Supergirl and Swamp Thing.

Whatever side you take, there will be “earth-shattering consequences,” though the trailer did not specify exactly what those would be, only implying some character death.

As to the features, this video mostly discussed the Gear System again. Explaining how player need only continue winning battle to unlock gear and skins, some of which can give your character special abilities.

In the new Multiverse mode, players can form guilds with up to 50 other players to trade and earn new gear exclusive to the mode’s gameplay. There will be daily and weekly rewards, as well as cooperative goals to accomplish while players try to climb the worldwide leaderboards.

In addition, it seems the mobile version isn’t just a regular tap your way to the finish line. Not only are the controls revamped to use special abilities and unique combo attacks, you can win unique gear and rewards here that can transfer to the console version. If that isn’t enough to get you playing the app, the entire story campaign will be on the mobile as well. The graphics also appear to be on par with the console version. Rather impressive from what Warner Bros. is boosting to be so extensive and “earth-shattering.”

Injustice 2 launches May 16 on the PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned to for our review.

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