Absolver Trailer Announces Release Date of August 29th

Absolver, an online fighting game that caught some attention at least year’s E3, finally has a release date of August 29th on the PS4 and PC. The game is quite similar to For Honor, but the game mechanics make it very unique, as this gameplay trailer explains. In this world, the player becomes the Prospect, who has taken a vow to join the elite Absolvers.

These are a group of combatants who fight to keep the balance in the world. The idea is to fight your way to the top, either with other players or the AI. The player starts off with no weapons, and the focus in on the combat styles. These include Forsaken, Kahlt, and Windfall. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, like the Windfall can dodge easily, but the Kahlt can take a hit and sometimes regain health. If that didn’t already sound like fun, you can also customize your combat combinations, the order in which you do them and assigning them to specific buttons.

More importantly, the most unique feature of all is Absolver‘s Mentor system. As a Prospect, you can become a mentor to another player as you meet them. If both parties remain loyal, new movesets will be unlocked and possibly weapons too. You can go through the game with PvP or PvE modes, in PvE Absolver provides dungeons that players must group together to battle through and loot for equipment.

The PvE and mentor modes sound awesome, but they might be detrimental to inexperienced players, or those who simply progress more slowly than others. It might get to the point where a player will only play Absolver with the AI, and that can get old fast. But who knows, the learning curve might very player friendly, especially with the customizable controls.

One again, Absolver is releasing August 29th on the PS4 and PC.


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