Project Scorpio’s Interface Will Be Motion-Based

According to WCCFtech, Microsoft has demoed their new Fluent Design interface at Build 2017 and have stated that this system will be across all Microsoft devices, including Windows 10, HoloLens, and Xbox. To support this the interface, previously known as Project Neon, was shown at the Build to be running on Xbox One and Windows 10.Project Scorpio's Interface Will Be Motion-Based

What makes this Fluent Design interesting are the allusions to Motion controls. Microsoft describes the interface as adding a fourth dimension, “we speak, type, ink, touch, and gaze.” They want to break apart the frame that holds your information and bring it into “a more layered, physical environment” in order to “keep people in their flow.”

Though Microsoft is always all about that flow, this almost makes it sound more like VR or AR, which rely heavily on accurate motion controls. Though how that is going to work for a console and a TV is left up to mystery. If only we had seen this demo at the Build.

Under the actual Motion header, Fluent Design is apparently akin to the seamless transition of scenes in a movie, “leading people from one task to the next with cinematic ease.” Which sounds to me a lot more like transitioning between desktops, folders, or programs. So perhaps the motion controls lie in that fourth dimension.

Nonetheless, since Microsoft is often keen on keeping all current devices in some kind of happy technological family, it’s highly likely that if this new Fluent Design is running on the normal Xbox One, it will definitely appear on the Scorpio.


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