Blizzard Reveals Four Overwatch Anniversary Skins

Blizzard, in hyping anticipation of Overwatch‘s anniversary, have revealed four of the new skins and a few voice lines that will be available come May 23rd. The skins came to us via the Korean Overwatch Twitter account, showcasing skins for Bastion, Pharah, Solidier, and Zayra. The theme here seems to be an increase in the robotic futuristic tech so common in the Overwatch world. Perhaps a kind of dressing up for the big occasion, or the future of the Overwatch team.

Blizzard’s Facebook page was the one to reveal the voice lines, from quite a few characters, including Reinhardt, Lucio, and Symmetra. Most of them are fairly silly, but a favorite line seems to be Symmetra giggling and saying “setting up the car wash” in a very flirtatious tone. There isn’t really a theme here, like for the skins, but they are quite amusing nonetheless.

These are all in addition to the new maps coming to Overwatch, three of which were revealed yesterday. One of them containing a little rain that might mean nothing at all, even if we haven’t seen weather systems in the game before. Overwatch‘s anniversary event will start May 23rd and end June 12th. The event will herald the release of the Overwatch: Game of the Year edition.


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