Ex-God of War Developers Release Their First Game: The Fidelio Incident

Act 3 Games was formed back in 2014 by ex-members of the God of War franchise, chiefly art director Ken Feldman. The Fidelio Incident is their first game and they’ve been working on it since the studio was founded. Perhaps born out of the mythological inaccuracies of the God of War series, Act 3 is dedicated to making story-driven games based upon real events in history.

The Fidelio Incident is now available on Steam and comes with very little fanfare, despite the absolutely fascinating concept. The game is a first-person narrative thriller, inspired by exploration games like Dear Esther and Firewatch, according to Feldman. The name, however, is from Beethoven’s only opera titled Fidelio. This opera sinks into the background of the game, as both the premise and re-imagined into a modern setting.

The quiet release was apparently intentional, so that players could go into the game without really knowing anything about it. Much like, if I recall, Firewatch. Trying to find out more about the latter was like pulling teeth until you played the game realized why. It seems as though The Fidelio Incident will be equally shrouded in mystery and lead by a prominently audio relationship with the main character’s apparent wife.

The Fidelio Incident is available now on Steam for PC only and is currently on sale until the end of the month for $9.99. The original price is $12.60.

Do you think this game shares too many similarities with Firewatch? Do you think it’s worth a buy on Steam either way? Let us know in the comments below.

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