Project Cars 2 Developer Won’t Hold Back with Xbox Scorpio

In an interview with GamingBolt, creative director of Project Cars 2 Andy Tudor was asked about what the Scorpio could mean for the upcoming game compared to the PS4 Pro. Tudor stated that resolutions might be higher or lower but with more detail, depending on how easy it will be to do something extra at this point in the game’s development.

But Tudor made it clear, that it doesn’t mean Slightly Mad Studios will in any way hold the game back due to the PS4 Pro.Project Cars 2 Developer Won't Hold Back For Scorpio

A strong stance, and one to be expected when it’s positively transparent that the Scorpio is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro. That said, companies of both consoles have promised that the Xbox One and PS4 will not be left behind, that there will be no exclusives for the Scorpio or PS4 Pro.

As unlikely as we think this is going to be, it seems that thus far it holds true. Project Cars 2 will simply look better on the Scorpio and make use of the consoles powerful hardware. Tudor doesn’t seem at all worried about creating the same experience for all players regardless of console.

Which is fine, I think most console owners have long accepted that high-end PC gamers are just going to have better-looking games and that’s that. Why not apply the same logic to the Scorpio. It helps especially that Slightly Mad’s own game engine, aptly named Madness, is easily adapted for almost all current hardware technology.

Not every developer has that luxury, however. For smaller studios, taking advantage of the Scorpio while still making a game for a less powerful console, or vice versa, might be more effort than it’s worth. It quite definitely depends on how easy it is to upscale or add extra bits to the Scorpio version.

Nonetheless, it’s good to hear that Project Cars 2 won’t be held back. Scorpio is the limit here, not the PS4 Pro. Project Cars 2 is coming sometime this fall, and will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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