Sony’s E3 Conference Will Be Broadcasted To Theaters

Once again for the third year in a row, Sony will be broadcasting their E3 conference in select theaters across the United States, Canada, and Brazil. The conference will be on June 12th, and the tickets will be entirely free. You can register for tickets today at 10AM PT at the PlayStation E3 Experience website.Sony's E3 Conference Will Be Broadcasted To Theatres

The currently 85 listed cities are over at the announcement on PlayStation Blog. It’s one theater per province (BC, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario), for any Canadians out there. I’m sure you can guess which cities they are. In order to register for a ticket, be sure to get a Gofobo account beforehand, as the tickets will only be available while supplies last.

In addition to seeing Sony’s presentation on the big screen, all attendees will receive a free poster, PlayStation Collectable Card #76, and a digital gift basket from the PS Store. Seats are also on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to arrive extra early. And your ticket does not guarantee you a seat, which probably means they will be selling more tickets than seats in the theater.

Sony’s E3 Conference is June 12th at 6PM PT. Be sure to check out what other events are going on, what to reasonably expect, and why Sony so often blows Microsoft’s presentations out of the water.


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