Last Day Of June Teaser Trailer From 505 Games

From the publishers of Abzu and Don’t Starve comes a trailer for Last Day of June, a game developed by Ovosonico that tells a story through one of my favorite mediums, stop-motion animation. It’s not the real thing, it’s simulated to look like it, and it is one of the most interesting art styles for an indie game.

Last Day of June is a puzzle adventure game that follows a couple, Carl and June, through a story of immense loss. Though the trailer begins in light and beauty, it is quickly ended when June is in a car accident, and looses her life. Carl soon finds out that he can time travel using June’s paintings, all the way up until that fateful day. All in an attempt to heal or maybe even June’s life.

The game is inspired by a song, “Drive Home” by Steven Wilson, who has actually been a part of the project since the beginning. Whether you can call it an extended music video, a beautifully tragic video game that conveys a story not unlike the film What Dreams May Come.

The Last Day of June will be available for PS4 and Windows PC. It will be released sometime later this year.


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