Death Stranding Has A Working Demo

If you were hoping that at least the publisher and financer of Death Stranding would know a little more about the game than we do, I’m afraid even President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden has no idea. He’s even stated in an interview with The Telegraph, that he has played a demo of the game, a few prototype levels, but he “couldn’t explain to you what the game is” either.Death Stranding Has A Working Demo

Well, at least we know Death Stranding exists and isn’t some mystical creature of legend told by the fabled hero of Kojima. Layden even mentioned that not only is the game up and running, but is using the same engine Guerilla Game’s did for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Apparently this gave the Kojima development team “a leg up” and make the aforementioned levels and demo. This is certainly good news, as building one’s own engine is a great deal more work, even if it means you custom design the various aspects of the game it influences.

Despite not being able to explain the game, Layden was able to give an honest assessment that Death Stranding is as revolutionary as Kojima has been promising, “all that and more!” Even if it was after a thoughtful pause. So it seems that despite Death Stranding being described as something akin to a Bogarts true form, it does exist, it has an engine, and a working demo.

As someone who was a little worried that amazing trailers would indeed be all that we would be seeing of Death Stranding for the next ten years, this is wonderful information. Fans of Kojima can now be assured that the man himself isn’t sitting in his fancy new office composing IOU letters.


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