22 Minutes of Monster Hunter: World Gameplay

Capcom has revealed a new gameplay for Monster Hunter: World, which shows a player going off to defeat a new monster called Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. The trailer shows off the lush and interactive world, where it feels a little too much like the real Jurassic Park. A beast, called the Great Jagra, swoops in while the player is on the trail and swallows a benign dinosaur right in front of you. If that isn’t startling enough, this isn’t even the monster you need to defeat.

With it’s full belly dragging on the ground, the player follows the beast until the trail changes direction. Here we find out that monsters can smell and hear you, so the player has to sneak around the Jagra nest before continuing on. The player doesn’t forget to pick a flower or two before leaving though. As usual, you’ll be able to pick up materials during the hunt in order to craft upgrades, or sell for something better.

The player finally finds the Anjanath asleep in a cave, but it’s not enough to simply sneak up and try to kill it this way. The player draws out the monster into the open and finally starts the fight. It’s really the usual, until the player directs the beast into a particular plant. This set of vines engulf the Anjanath and keep it still and open to attacks. This only lasts a few moments, however, and the monster is back to making sure the player doesn’t survive.

Various tools used within this trailer include the slinger, which can carry various ammo with different effects like lures and traps. You can also choose from 14 different weapon classes, depending on what your preference is. This player favors the large sword, despite how slow and heavy it is.

There’s plenty more to see, so be sure to check out the video above and tell us what you think in the comments below!


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