Absolver Trailer – Weapon and Power Details

Absolver, a new fighting game coming from Sloclap studios, now has a trailer featuring a few details on the weapons and powers you can use in the game. They are rolled into one game mechanic called Tension Shards. These absorb the inherent energy that is produced during combat and can be used to unleash powerful attacks and even a weapon.

Of course, Tensions Shards is merely another term for a charged special attack. However, due to the nature of Absolver and how long they imply it takes the player to even acquire a weapon, whipping one out in the middle of a hand-to-hand combat changes the stakes of the fight drastically. Not only are weapons implied to be rarity for new players, but it’s your unique move deck that will really change up the fight.

If your opponent can’t guess fast enough to either avoid or counter, the fight will be over fairly quickly. In a “flurry of targeted blows” you can easily take down your opponent, or at least do enough damage to gain the upper hand. Don’t let them disarm you though, because they can pick up your sword too and use it against you.

The video hints that the Tension Shards can be used for healing and a stamina draining power, but the narrator emphasizes how best to use the Shards to mix up combat and keep your opponent on their toes.

Absolver will be releasing August 29, 2017 on the PC and PS4. There is also a limited special edition that includes the full game, plus the Uring Priest equipment pack, a to-scale wearable mask with a display base, an art book, and stickers to decorate whatever you’d like. This edition is extremely limited, there are only 3250 available for the PC version and PS4. The mask is obviously the main feature, and comes directly from characters we’ve seen in the trailers. Though you might want to restrict wearing it around town for when there’s a convention going on, it might be a little odd otherwise.


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