The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Coming 2018

The game that made Telltale Games famous is finally getting a second season in 2018. The Wolf Among Us was the first time a lot of gamers encountered the now meme of the game world, “[character name] will remember that.” It was thrilling to think that our decisions would have such far-reaching consequences as to be remembered for more than a few minutes.

It can be argued that Wolf Among Us doesn’t actually have any decisions that create much a different story and that’s probably true. I think beyond choosing between two different areas to investigate first, your decisions as Bigby don’t make much a difference on the story. That said, Wolf Among Us is an amazing world based on an amazing comic series. I will never tire of the Fable series, nor pass up an opportunity to praise and recommend it. So go on, there’s a free digital copy out there for you to read.

The game, however, is distinctly different from the novels. Bigby is enough of a different character, depending on how you play him, that Telltale has created stories that wouldn’t necessarily happen in cannon. But that doesn’t mean Wolf Among Us is a bad game, oh no. Despite the decisions not having much in the way on consequences, I am far more in love with the hardboiled detective genre that is so rarely explored in games.

Telltale made an especially fine decision in picking Adam Harrington to voice Bigby, as that kind of gruff voice is almost straight out films like The Big Sleep. There is nothing quite like Harrington’s narration throughout the game and it fits Bigby’s character so well, I cannot imagine any other voice when I read to comic too.

Telltale doesn’t say much more beyond the fact the a new season is coming. They do not show any new footage, only shots from various episodes in the first season. But they still promise us a brand new story, mystery, and “set of stakes.”

There is not release date beyond sometime in 2018 and will launch for “all major gaming consoles and mobile gaming devices,” which means Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The Switch might also have a chance, as Telltale reiterates that “additional platforms are yet to be announced.”


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