Mini N64 Classic Might Be In The Works

And so Nintendo’s journey through the retro cash grab will apparently end with a mini N64. According to a trademark filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Nintendo has an entry for a controller that looks exactly like the one for the N64. It’s filed under “good and services,” which means that it’s likely physical product in the works.Mini N64 Might Be In The Works

This filing is a spitting image of the ones filed for the NES and SNES before their mini versions were announced, just with the N64 controller instead.

It certainly seems like the natural progression of Nintendo’s mini retro line-up, though we’re all still hoping that the problems the mini NES faced won’t happen against with the SNES. The latter arrives September 29, 2017 with 21 titles, and if all goes well Nintendo will have produced enough this time around and the SNES won’t be on the on market for only 6 months.

It will be interesting to see the design of the N64, as the NES and SNES were simply scaled down but with the design of the N64 controller that might not be possible. Or extremely awkward. Nonetheless, an N64 mini will hit 90s kids in the pocketbook, that’s for sure.

Though, maybe I’m just too nerdy for my own good, but I kept my N64. I don’t play it anymore, but it’s there, in a box, in the basement. It’s on a very rare occasion that I’ll feel like working through Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask again. Even then, sometimes the effort of pulling it out and hooking it up is enough to stop me. I really don’t think a mini N64 will be a buy for me, I hardly play the console I have, why would I want a second one to not play.

Furthermore, if you weren’t weird enough to keep yours, what games would you want on it that aren’t on the 3DS? Or available via an emulator on your PC? Both Zelda games are already remastered for the handheld, so even if you’re a hardcore Zelda fan, what other games would need to be on there to make it a buy? Super Mario 64Donkey Kong, and possibly Golden Eye too. But again, an emulator would fill this. How important is authenticity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, I would very much like to hear them.

Source: NeoGAF, EUIPO



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