Super Mario Odyssey Might Have Underwater Kingdom

According to a tweet from Nintendo Japan on their official Super Mario Odyssey account, the game just might have a underwater kingdom. The tweet in question is a part of a monthly series, calendar and wallpaper for your smartphone, all set in the theme of Super Mario Odyssey. July’s for example, had Mario’s central hub flying through some colorful fireworks.Super Mario Odyssey Might Have Underwater Kingdom

This one is for August, however, and it shows Mario in the style more commonly found in much older games, like Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario is wearing his best swimwear, flotation device, and snorkel gear. The red fish doesn’t seem too impressed with Mario, but he’s there on a mission.

At the bottom of the image lies one of the many collectable purple moons in Super Mario Odyssey, along with one of the legendary green pipes. And if you had any doubt that the image has anything to do with the upcoming game, the game’s logo is in the very corner.

So it seems we’ll be seeing Mario underwater more than once in the game. This image might very well mean there’s an entire kingdom out there for Mario to explore with his snorkel gear. Underwater levels have always presented a unique challenge for Mario, but once you figured out what you were supposed to do, things got more or less easy. I do remember in Super Mario 64, that coming up to surface in water would bring you back to full health. Falling from great heights into water – no problem. Nearly dying from chests or enemies zapping you, up to the surface you can go. I was never sure if Nintendo created that mechanic on purpose, as it did break the game sometimes, but I do hope to see it again in Super Mario Odyssey.

The similarities between the old 64 game and Odyssey don’t seem to stop either. The most recent look at the game we’ve had, is the gameplay trailer of New Donk City. The level features a lot of mechanics that have been around since the N64 title and shown again in a few games afterwards, like Super Mario Sunshine. It certainly gives hope to those who had a lot of fun with such titles. Super Mario Odyssey might just be the next best Mario game since those N64 days.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on Nintendo Switch in all regions October 27, 2017.

Source: Twitter


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