The Gifted Trailer: Meet The Mutants

Revealed by Fox via their official Twitter account for the upcoming TV series, The Gifted‘s first trailer has been released.

In the trailer, we meet the Mutants that will be in the show and the actors behind them. They even explain a little of their powers: Blair Redford in his role as John Proudstar/Thunderbird has the power of extreme strength, and has an unspecified premonition ability, Jamie Chung as Clarice Ferguson/Blink can create portals, though she’s still learning, Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse is less exact, able to “fire lasers” and shoot bright light, he “burns everything he touches,” and lastly Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane/Polaris can controls all metals, much like Magneto. One does wonder if there is a relation there.

The first episode of The Gifted is directed by Bryan Singer, known for his production on almost all of the X-Men movies, the TV show House, and The Usual Suspects.

The Gifted is very much focused on the Strucker family, who are trying to escape the government’s clutches when they realize their two children are mutants.

To be clear, The Gifted won’t be a crossover with any of the X-men movies and the timeline will not overlap them, either. After Days of Future Past, the X-Men universe was allowed to to branch off with alternate streams like this.

A narrative scapegoat, if you will, for the writer who is uninterested in detangling the mess of crossovers and current existing universes. The Gifted exists as a standalone show, away from the movies and comics, though the show will be inspired by some of the characters within both. The idea behind The Gifted is a unique spin-off that, again, doesn’t try to untangle but paves its own narrative road.

The Gifted is set to premiere October 2, 2017 on the Fox TV channel.

Source: Twitter

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