Gearbox Reveals Project 1V1

Gearbox once again reveals a game that isn’t Borderlands 3, thus far titled Project 1V1. It’s still in the top-secret development stages, but Gearbox describes the games as featuring “fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game.” Which could be interesting, if done correctly. But the terms are no less vague. For all we know, this could be game like Fortnite or even StarCraft.Gearbox Reveals Project 1V1

If Project 1V1 sounds at all interesting to you, you can sign up for a short closed beta test. It will be held sometime this summer and will focus on testing “the online infrastructure.” They really want to get players feedback on the game in case there’s anything they need to change during the development process. So if you sign up, be sure to bring your critical thinking cap.

That is about all the site states. There is artwork, three different pieces. The first is of a futuristic city built on ragged rock. The architecture is somewhat Asian influenced with what appear to be large factories. Around the building are spaceships, of the jet variety. All with long pointed noses and flared wings for speed. The second city-based image, is a closer look but not less informative. It features mainly two what might be lights, or heat coils, perhaps even a vent of some sort. Otherwise, there is a catwalk on the left, another Asiatic building.

The last image also features an apparent light/vent, though it is structured very differently from the city version. This piece of technology is built into a tree and looks down into a small grove of jungle-like trees. There is a creek running through the grove and ferns scattered about. There’s not much else to tell, other than this Project 1V1 will be placed in varying environments, most of which on a fictional planet with technology far advanced from our own.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what Project 1V1 will be in the end. Hopefully the test players will be able to give us some hints about the game when they play it. No release date yet either.

Source: Gearbox



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