Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Game Trailer

It's Groundhog Day all over again.

Bandai Namco has announced the arrival of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time with a trailer. This is a game based on the popular anime of the same name recently come to Netflix. The game will be on the PS4 and PC and will release sometime in early 2018.

Chamber of Time occurs after the students of Luna Nova Academy finish their exam. About to embark on their summer vacation, the main character Akko happens to discover a secret room in the library. Though I’m sure the discovery is less glamorous and more like Akko getting lost in the Academy, again. Nonetheless, the secret room is called the Chamber of Horologium and resides in the basement of the school. Here lies a clock that can manipulate time, one of the seven wonders that live within the Luna Nova Academy.

Likely because Akko is incapable of looking at something without touching it, she and her friends end up caught in a time loop. It’s Groundhog Day all over again, and they have to somehow get out of living the same day over and over.

Bandai Namco also mentions that the playable characters within the Chamber of Time include Amanda O’Neill (the outspoken klepto who wields a broomstick like a badass), Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger (the witch that converts a great deal of technology and magic together to make fantastic machines), and Jasminka Antonenko (a sweet girl with a passion for food).

Hopefully the game will also include Akko’s main band of friends as well, like Lotte Jansson, Sucy Manbavaran, and Diana Cavendish. All of these characters have amazing talents, especially Sucy. She’s an expert at potions and poisons, especially anything to do with mushrooms. If I were a witch, I’d want to be her.

If you haven’t watched the series on Netflix yet, absolutely go do so. Personally, I love the show enough to enjoy a game adapted from it. As long as the game play still made sense, of course.


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