Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Trailer

How easily humans can lose their humanity.

**Update: The trailer has oddly been removed.

According to the Verge and the announcement trailer from Stan, the Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams will be an upcoming TV series. Stan is an Australian based streaming service much like Netflix.

It will be based on a variety of Dick’s short stories, like “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” (Total Recall), “Second Variety”, “The Minority Report”, “Imposter”, “Paycheck”, “A Scanner Darkly”, “The Golden Man” (Next), and “The Adjustment Bureau.” As all of these are short stories with film adaptations, making an entire TV series based on Dick’s writing is certainly feasible.

Thus far, Electric Dreams will have ten episodes, each on a different short story from Dick. These episodes will star Benedict Wong (Marco Polo), Steve Buscemi (Fargo), Anna Paquin (True Blood), Terrance Howard (Iron Man), and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). If you’re not in Australia and you don’t have Stan, Amazon Video will be distributing the series in the United States. There is no word yet on a release date for either country, though it will be made for the US, European, and Australian audiences. Canada is notably absent, unfortunately.

As you may know, film adaptations are rather notorious for being inaccurate. Adaptations for Dick’s short stories are no exception. Blade Runner is probably the most famous example, as it maybe a great movie and a mark in cinematic history, but it is a terrible adaptation of the book. The majority of Dick’s works are centered on the fragility of reality, and what it is to be human. Not so much the question of if artificial intelligence can imitate humanity to the point of being a person, but rather how easily humans can lose their humanity.

The Netflix series Black Mirror explores these themes extremely well; I highly suggest watching the series to get a taste of what Dick was getting at with most of his stories.

Sources: The Verge


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