Divinity: Original Sin 2 Reveals Community Inspired Hero

She is an undead librarian with a passion for the rare and arcane.


The votes were cast and here is the result! Eithne is a character designed, inspired by, and chosen directly by the GOG community.

Eithne is fully voiced with a fully fleshed out backstory that you will meet during your adventures in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is an undead librarian with a passion for the rare and arcane. She is of course perfectly willing to trade with you – for a price. If you’ve got something rare in your inventory, be sure to check if Eithne is interested.

Eithne was created after many of the GOG community submitted an enormous brainstorm of art, writing contests, and countless designs. After a few months, three final designs were chosen, were voted on and out of all the other suggestions, Eithne managed to win 59% of the votes at GOG.

Such a close vote makes me wonder what the other two were and if any of those ideas will be landed in the game too by shear chance. Though I have a feeling the developers of Original Sin 2 run a tight ship and are unable to include everything the fans came up with.

In the trailer, you can see the final design of Eithne and hear her beautiful voice. I am again amazed that they managed to fully voice this game and to the point where it sounds natural, clean, and all around very well polished.

You can find Eithne “quite a ways past where the current Early Access stops,” in an area called the Reaper’s Coast. She resides in a ruined building there, hopefully something you can’t miss.

It is always a beautiful moment to see game developers and their community collaborate, all the more so when the suggestions actually end up in the game. I can’t wait to see more of this game, as yet another MMO the folks at Nerd Much are looking forward to.

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