DOOM on Nintendo Switch Release Date

There will not be split screen co-op for the game.

In a recent interview, id Software developers Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton, creative director and executive producer of DOOM respectively, announced the official release date of DOOM on the Switch: November 10, 2017.

So remember to squeeze that into your Christmas budget along with the Nintendo Switch if you don’t already have the system. Martin and Stratton also answered some key questions of the game, like what kind of content we can expect. Which is essentially all of it, the entire single player campaign, all difficulty modes, all DLCs, the Arcade mode, and all multiplayer content.

Speaking of multiplayer, there will not be split screen co-op for the game. So no handing off the other Joy-Con to a friend to play together. Your friend needs to have their own Switch if you want to do that.

Martin and Stratton would also like to assure us that DOOM on the Switch will be as fast paced as the other system version, even while running at 30fps. So it seems there’s nothing to panic about in regards to DOOM being any less DOOM on the Switch.

As to more Bethesda games coming to the Switch, they only repeated that Skyrim and Wolfenstein will be arriving soon. No release date for Wolfenstein yet, however. Skyrim will be released on the Switch in November as well, on the 17th.

As Martin states, it has certainly been a long time since DOOM has been on a Nintendo system. It speaks to the uniqueness of the Switch and how much of a rather miraculous comeback the system is for Nintendo. Bethesda isn’t even being hesitant about it, just announcing game after game for the Switch, not waiting around like EA for one game to be a success.

Nonetheless, we can look forward to DOOM coming very soon and just in time to get used to the new controls before the holidays roll around.

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