Games with Gold for November Have Been Unveiled

While nothing exactly stands out, there's a lot of fun to be had this month

As per usual about this time of the month, details have released regarding what’s in store for next month’s Games with Gold program. Have an active Xbox Live Gold account? If so, checkout what’s hitting the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for free in November.

On the Xbox 360 side of things, the month begins with Nights into Dreams. You can download the game for free from November 1st through November 15th. Originally released on the defunct Sega Saturn in 1996, Nights into Dreams was ported over to HD on the Xbox 360 in 2012.

Nights into Dreams was a critical darling upon release. It’s regarded as one of (if not thee) greatest Saturn games of all time. And it holds a place among many critic’s best of lists.

Following Nights on the 360 is Deadfall Adventure from November 16th through November 30th. Deadfall Adventure is quite an odd throw in this month. From Nordic Games, the first person action-adventure title originally released on the 360 back in 2013. It did not far very well critically, with a 360 version scoring a 43% Metascore. (Editor’s note: Yeah, definitely pass on this. I reviewed it many years ago, and it’s absolute garbage).

Put into the generic role of a famous adventurer, critics complains of redundant combat and mindless puzzle solving. It’s free, so give it a whirl if you’re interested. But don’t expect much.

Moving to the Xbox One for the month, we start things off with Trackmania Turbo. Trackmania Turbo will be available for the entire month of November. Noted as “ridiculously fun” by Nerd Much?’s own Bobby Bernstein, the game did deliver a ton of fun under the radar for the most part.

It features split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 people if you’re having a couch party, and it has a multitude of different game modes. It did quite well on reviews too, sitting around the “generally favorable” mark. Give Trackmania Turbo a whirl and see if it’s for you.

Finally, November 16th through December 15th gives us access to TellTale’s Tales from the Borderlands. Originally thought to be an odd coupling, Borderlands and Telltale’s storytelling style turned out to be a marvelous mix. Borderlands’ trademark humor was brought to the forefront of Telltale’s storytelling, and it resulted in five episodes of quality story telling.

Make sure you hit the download button on each of these outings that pique your interest. Even if you’re game log is backed up at the moment, you can always go back and download them later as long as you “purchased” them during their Games with Gold stint.


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