The Last Of Us Part II Launch Trailer

It seems we've got brand new characters and a very dark story to look forward to.

Shown at the Paris Games Week this year was another trailer for The Last of Us Part II. Only this time, Ellie is significantly older than she was at E3 2016. She was maybe 16 or so then, and in this trailer she is in her late twenties, possibly even thirties. Though I imagine it is hard to guess when the kind of trauma Ellie has been through would certainly age a person.

But let’s dig into this trailer. Ellie is dragged, clearly not doing well, but once they drop her, she managed to struggle to her feet anyway. They kick her down before she can do much more and quickly string her up.

A woman with braids curled around her head calls Ellie an “apostate” and pulls out a knife. She prepares to spill Ellie’s guts when another “apostate” is brought in. The woman calls her Liara and orders them to “clip her wings.” They promptly smash in Liara’s elbow with a hammer. Which sounds about as terrifying as it looked.

Before they get to Liara’s other arm, arrows come out of nowhere to strike the guy wielding the axe. Using the distraction to her advantage, Liara takes the axe and kills the other guy holding her down. The leader woman shoots into the darkness and is promptly strangled by Ellie. It isn’t enough though, and the newcomer puts an axe in the woman’s head.

Liara’s friend appears then and takes way too long to protest helping Ellie. After cutting her down, finally, Ellie takes the axe and looks into the woods beyond. She’s clearly ready for a fight as she puts herself between whoever the new enemy is and Liara.

It seems we’ve got brand new characters and a very dark story to look forward to. Even if that was the darkest scene in the game, we’ve got quite the horror game ahead of us. Hopefully Ellie will be alright in the end, considering the crazy world she has to survive in.

Still no release date.


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