Wild West Online Early Access Launches November 15

I imagine you won't be able to "upgrade" a horse to a car.

Wild West Online is going into Early Access on Steam come November 15, 2017. This version will include 100 quests, 20 different guns, and two public events (the Artifact Hunt and Golden Road).Wild West Online Early Access Launches November 15

You’ll be able to wander around the large and varied landscape of the game with plenty of other players and NPCs. Once you’re done exploring however, there’s plenty to do besides the quests, you can take up hunting, mining for gold, and PvP combat.

As you level up your character you will unlock new abilities, upgrades to your weapons, and access to higher level gear. You’ll have your very own horse as well, that can be upgraded as you play, though there no details on what those upgrades might be. I imagine you won’t be able to “upgrade” to a car, but speed and carrying capacity might be more accurate to the game’s setting.

According to the developers there will also be plenty of PvE missions to complete. This is where you take one bounties, mine, find and sell goods, and even farm. If that’s a little boring, you can also “form a posse” with up to eight friends. You and your posse can gain a reputation as bandits or deputies of justice, it’s all up to you.

Since Wild West Online is going into Early Access, it is important to note that they want as much feedback as you can give them. Whether it’s a glitch, confused game mechanics, or how much you love this part or that, be sure to let the developers know. Positive feedback is as important as the negative stuff so remember to keep it as balanced as you can.

Wild West Online will hopefully be exiting Early Access later this year, but it all very much depends on how the first launch goes. Especially with an MMO this big, there’s always plenty to work on and sometimes players can pick up on big problems that need more time to fix.

Nonetheless, go forth into the unique countryside of colonial America and be whatever kind of cowboy you’d like.


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