Arms Slings Out New Fighter, Stage, Weapons in 4.0 Update

Meet Misango

Nintendo continues to dole out the updates for one of their most promising newest IPs, Arms. Today sees the release of software update 4.0. And with it comes three new Arms weapons, a new stage, and a new fighter in which to inhabit it.

Known as Misango, our new fighter is characterized as a “spiritual man” who spends his time taking care of his homeland and fellow Misangans. His appearance, and fighting arena, appears to have been influenced by ancient Aztec or Mayan culture.

To differentiate Misango from the other Arms brawlers, he’s been given a unique trait. When you charge up with Misango’s mysterious “entity”, it grants him a couple of special abilities. The entity can protect Misango from flinching during matches and can even increase the character’s speed.

In addition to Misango and his stage come the three new Arms abilities. They are the Scorpio, the Glusher and the Skully. You can witness them in action via the trailer above. Misango comes equipped with the new arsenal, but all characters can utilize them once they are unlocked in the game’s Get ARMS mode.

Nintendo has done a fantastic job of keeping Arms relevant with continued free updates for the game. Since its release on June 16, 2017, ARMS has sold over 1.5 million copies thus far, which is impressive for the new IP. One could argue Nintendo’s continued support is a contributing factor toward this.

Since the game’s launch, it has seen three new (and free) characters implemented into the game. Each with a stage of their own to call home. We first received Maxx Brass, the commissioner of the Arms League. Then came Lola Pop, a clown character. And today brings Misango’s introduction.

It’ll be interesting to see whether we are nearing the end of Nintendo’s post-launch support for Arms. Or maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see a 5.0 update and beyond.


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