Splatoon 2 Set for Two Major Updates Beginning This Week

New stages and much more just in time for Thanksgiving weekend.

Just as they are for Arms, Nintendo is continuing to provide substantial updates to Splatoon 2 well after the game’s launch. And this week we’re in line for one of two updates that will add quite a bit to the base game.

The upcoming updates are completely free to Splatoon 2 owners. The first of the two content drops will begin rolling out on Thanksgiving, November 23rd. Nintendo is promising “approximately 140 pieces of gear” is being added. Which, one might argue, is quite a bit. On top of that we’re getting new battle music and four new hairstyles.

Nintendo is also upping the level cap within the game. Currently at 50, Splatoon 2 will see that increased to Level 99. Once players hit that, they can then talk to Judd in-game and have him reset them back to Level 1. You’ll earn yourself a star though, so everyone will know how cool you are and you can continue to progress.

A new photo mode is being implemented into the game too. Although, curiously, Nintendo is tying that in with amiibo support instead of featuring it as its own entity. Changing your gear between battles is soon to be a thing. The ability to modify your load out between matches is being enabled so that you won’t have to exit to the game’s lobby between each bout.

A new Salmon Run course is coming to the game, as well as four new battle stages. These will roll out individually though. A new battle stage will hit Splatoon 2 each week beginning this Friday.

A second update will land mid-December. This one doesn’t sound quite as meaty, but it does feature an entirely new game mode. Called Clam Blitz, the new mode sees clams scattered all throughout a given stage. The goal is to collect as many clams as possible and throw them into a basket near your opponent’s base. The first team to 100 wins the round.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the December update is the last one Nintendo has planned for the game. But with looking at their track record with Arms, and the even the initial Splatoon, we could be seeing plenty more support within the game for months to come.


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