EA 2018 Indie Plans Leaked

Fe will be appearing at January's Nintendo Direct.

Oddly enough, this leak comes from an email that was accidentally sent to a Reddit user named OldSoul2. How much of an accident this really is or if any of this information is true has yet to be seen. Nothing has been confirmed by EA, however the campaign roadmaps included do make a lot of sense if we’re going to see Fe and A Way Out within the next year.EA 2018 Indie Plans Leaked

First up is Fe, an indie title that was announced way back in E3 2016 and has since dropped off the map entirely. The game is still in development and not in fear of being shut down, things were just terribly quiet on the PR front.

According to this leak, however, you’ll be able to pre-order Fe come December 7. So we’ll know by next week if there’s any merit to this leak. Then Fe will be appearing at January’s Nintendo Direct as an announcement titled “speak the language of the forest.”

Come the release date of February 18, 2018, EA plans on keeping Fe alive with Twitch promotions, reviews, and “influencers.” After that, the game will be put on EA Access with plenty of promotion. That’s about as clear as it gets with the leak for Fe. For those of us that have been keeping an eye on the game, it’s good to know that a release date is in the future. We’re also happy to see this title on the Switch, increasing the console’s reputation as the upcoming indie system.

Second is A Way Out, the ultimate co-op game that takes you on an emotional journey from escaping prison to being on the run. EA seems to be more confident in this title than in Fe, especially the game’s director, Josef Fares.

According to the leak’s roadmap, we’ll be seeing A Way Out previewed on December 7 as well. February 2018 will see the “first co-op experience” to showcase the gameplay and storyline. The event after this is supposed to be held in March and a “mash-up” of what I can only assume are accolades. If so, it implies that A Way Out will come out in the same month as Fe.

If you can decipher more of the leaked image, by all means comment below and let us know what you find.

Source: Reddit, Image


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