Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Major Update Details

It is constantly clear that Nintendo is planning more.

The Animal Crossing official Twitter account is teasing new details about the next major update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The update will be coming in January and includes “a garden feature and outfit crafting.”

Both are something that the original games have had for quite some time, one of the main gameplay aspects aside from building furniture for the appropriate animal.Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Major Update Details

Of course, it’s no surprise to see this mechanic in the works, given that the features were very much missed by longtime fans of the franchise. Though th new mobile game is my first introduction to Animal Crossing, I am still very much looking forward to the game being expanded beyond the endless fetch quests. As much as I love doing them on my phone, where the level of commitment is at an all-time low, it is constantly clear that Nintendo is planning more.

Beyond gardening and outfit crafting (though both are very exciting), hopefully we will soon see expansions for our camps available. Seeing how well Nintendo has handled microtransactions in the game so far, such expansions should come at the cost of in-game materials.

That said, it does look like crafting outfits will be a lot more expensive than going to the Market for new clothes. A simple pair of boots are apparently 1120 bells, rather than the usual 200 to 400 bells they cost at the Market. I also wonder what materials the clothes will take up. If it needs more cotton, so help us all. That might just be the push to give-in and buy a ton of leaf tickets just so you can finally craft what you need.

That said, if you are running low on materials, don’t forget that Nintendo gives you myNintendo coins at the launch of all their games. I believe that they give you something around 400 coins that you can spend on various materials, leaf tickets, and bells if you need them.

Are you looking forward to this major update? What will your garden look like? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe leave a friend code if you want to some more kudos.


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