Catherine Remake Headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita

A new personality is in tow this go around too.

It seems crazy to think, but Catherine hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over six years ago. Atlus has never announced plans for the continuation of the series, but today the next best thing was revealed. Catherine is being remade as Catherine: Full Body for the current slate of Sony systems – including their often forgotten handheld. Who said the PlayStation Vita was dead?Catherine: Full Body

Famitsu has stated that their publication will run a feature on the upcoming remake within their January 4, 2018 issue. That issue should actually release on December 21st. They confirmed that Katsura Hashino will return as the title’s director.

Hashino’s development team at Studio Zero will be hosting a live stream as well on December 22nd at 7:30 p.m. Japanese time to do a full blowout for the game. This equates to 5:30 a.m. Eastern and 2:30 a.m. Pacific. The live stream will include the world premiere of Catherine: Full Body’s first trailer as well as a discussion on the game’s development in general.

In addition to the graphical upgrades we’re sure to see in Catherine: Full Body, the game will have significant changes to the core game as well. In fact, a new girl named Rin will play a part in the overall narrative. Rin is a pianist at the Stray Sheep Bar. She’s described as more gentle and unassertive, with her story split between the other two characters of Catherine and Katherine.

Studio Zero is said to be incorporating new endings into Catherine: Full Body as well, as well as just additional episodes in general. The team also plans to incorporate additional difficulty options, a new block moving mechanic for the game’s puzzle portion, an online battle mode and PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita cross-save support.

No word on a release date yet for Full Body. Studio Zero said that development is roughly 50% complete at this point. Following the live stream reveal in a few days, we’ll have much more information at hand as to what exactly Catherine: Full Body is striving to be.


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