PUBG Gets Its First Update on Xbox One

The "first of many Xbox-focused" patches.

If you hadn’t heard, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – aka PUBG – had a bit of a rough launch on the Xbox One last week. It garnered a lot of news, but really people were probably a little too harsh on it. PUBG Corporation stated all along that the debut was via the Xbox Game Preview program, and not a full release. There’s plenty of work to be done on the console port.PUBG

That being said, people slammed the game’s Xbox debut due to some pretty severe performance issues on the console. While it handled things far better on the Xbox One X, the original Xbox One had a hard time keeping a consistent frame rate during crowded portions of matches. And while today’s update is a start, it still looks as though there’s a ton to do to bring it up to speed with its PC counterpart.

As far as gameplay goes, the only real tweak is that gas can now be used while on a bike or a bike with a sidecar. There have been some new hair color options installed for your characters too if you’re seeking more customization options.

The user-interface has seen a few adjustments to clean things up. And a slew of animations have been tackled for better performance. Sidecar passenger animations have been fixed, as have the camera issues for backseat riders of buggies, arm animations with certain weapons, and swimming perspective problems some players were reporting.

PUBG Corporation says they have done a “first pass” for visual and performance improvements. They’ve also “slightly improved anti-aliasing” on both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. There are a plethora of small fixes here and there that the team has taken down with this update. You can review them all at the game’s official forum post.

We’ll have to wait and hear whether the community is pleased with this first wave of fixes for PUBG. But good or bad, we’ll certainly hear something as to the state of the game after its first update.


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