This Injustice 2 Enchantress Trailer is BADASS

The Enchantress seems to rely heavily on decoys.

The third Fighter Pack for Injustice 2 expands yet again with another character from the DC Universe. This time we have the Enchantress, in her incarnation through June Moone. She is not, luckily, modeled after her likeness in the Suicide Squad film. The Enchantress in Injustice 2 strikes an imposing figure in her green costume, with a hood that features a golden headpiece.

If you were fortunate enough to ignore the existence of the Suicide Squad film and still unsure who the Enchantress is, she is an evil magical being that has possessed June Moone. Moone, before her life turned for the worse, was a freelance artist. She was exploring a secret chamber when the Enchantress possesses her.

According to the comic books, the Enchantress is generally rather evil save for the few times Moone fights through long enough to use her power for good. Beyond that, Moone simply holds on, restraining the Enchantress from taking over the world.

Once again, the Enchantress is a part of Fighter Pack 3 (priced at approximately $20 USD), but will also come with Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Pack. She will be available to play come January 9, 2018.

As to her gameplay, the Enchantress seems to rely heavily on decoys and using them to both deflect hits and surprise attack. The decoy often appears behind the opponent, attacking from there before returning the Enchantress. She also has the ability to summon a troll-like creature that can hit a lot harder than she can.

She can daze her opponent as well, briefly controlling them until she can get a few choice hits in. During which, she is outside of Moone’s body, as the poor woman looks on in horror. The disassociation is brief, however, and the Enchantress flies back into Moone’s body. Her finishing move is the most spectacular, of course, as she steals the spirit from her enemey’s body and uses it to kill its owner.

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