Notmycar Is A New Battle Royale Game For Twisted Metal Fans

NMC Studios has announced their new game, Notmycar, a battle royale game done entirely in cars. As with all such games, you pick a spot on the map and the player is parachuted off a plane. Your car lands and it is up to you to loot various “caches” for weapons and armor. After that, the battle is on. The area will slowly get smaller and smaller, leading to more and more frenzied combat as fewer players remain.A screen shot for the upcoming battle royale style game Notmycar

The better you do each session, the more points you will earn to customize your vehicle, like paint, flags, bumpers, and even stylish racks for the front of your car. No further information on the game has been revealed yet, nor is there a trailer. However, there will be a live stream by Greenskull on Mixer featuring pre-alpha gameplay at 9pm EST.

Many have been quick to compare Notmycar to PUBG, citing the 8 screenshots available on the site. The lighting and environment are certainly similar, with rolling hills and sparse clumps of trees now and then.

The gameplay is very similar as well, but we must keep in mind that PUBG was originally based on Battle Royale and there have been plenty open-world multiplayers with the exact same mechanics than came long before PUBG. PUBG just happens to be the most popular out of all of them.

That said, whether battle royale is a style that lends itself to being played with cars is another story. If Rocket League can manage it with soccer, surely Notmycar and manage it with battle royale. Though it is important to note that Rocket League is not made by an indie studio and has had quite some time to refine the idea and physics into something anyone can pick up.

Do you think Notmycar is going to be equally fun as both Rocket League and PUBG? Or is just a game that came out at the wrong time and looks too much like a knock-off of PUBG? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source NMC Studios Mixer
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