Nintendo Labo Looks Legit

The more we see of Nintendo Labo, the more impressive the overall package looks. Nintendo dropped three new trailers for the DIY kit this morning to showcase how far a few cardboard cuts and some quality software can go.

Those that are still thinking that Nintendo Labo is just a cash grabbing gimmick should look closer. There is a ton of effort being put into this project. And Nintendo has really gone out of their way to bring players behind the curtain in a fun way.

Each of the cardboard kits features a “secret camera” mode. Using this, folks can actually see how each of the Nintendo Labo games work. As you’re playing keys on your cardboard piano, you can view on the Switch how the magic is made. Taking a tight turn on your motorbike? Watch as motion controls pickup your subtle movements and relay that toward the in-game track. It’s fascinating stuff.

The games themselves are incredibly deep too. Far beyond what you’re probably expecting. Within the Variety Kit, the RC Car is simplistic, but Fishing Rod, Motorbike, House and Piano each look fantastic. And for those curious, House turns out to be a Tamagotchi-like mode. But again, there’s more to it than just that.

The Toy-Con Robot is “the most advanced” Nintendo Labo product. And the above trailer shows off why. There’s a lot this robot can do. Spreading your arms will cause your counterpart to begin flying through the air. Or you can crouch to transform your robot into a tank. Oh, and the tank can fly too. Putting on your visor down allows you to enter first-person mode. So you can check out all the mayhem your causing first-hand.

You’ll have various missions to complete within Toy-Con Robot. Each completed with add to your robot’s overall power. And you can actually fight a second player’s robot should a friend have the Toy-Con Robot package too.

In your on the fence regarding Nintendo Labo, I highly recommend you take 10 minutes to watch the above videos. If they don’t sell you, nothing will. Both the Nintendo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit and Nintendo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit release on April 20th.

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