Kingdom Come Devs: We Needed More Time

In a recent post on Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s forums, executive producer Martin Klima discussed the development of the game and his own role in it. In light of the game’s many glitches upon release, even after the major update, it has become clear to fans that Kingdom Come still needs a lot of work.A promotional image of Kingdom Come Deliverance gameplay

Klima is open to acknowledging this, stating that he wishes they all “had more time to polish the game before the release, that’s what AAA game deserves.”

The development process was not perfect either, as Klima explains he did his “share of poor decisions and blunders.” There were times where he motivated the team to waste time and energy “on things that we eventually had to abandon.”

Though Warhorse is a relatively unknown studio (having formed to make Kingdom Come), Klima does not consider them to be indie. This certainly makes sense, as the team is quite large and they managed to publish their own game on the most popular consoles right now.

Kilma states that though Kingdom Come is not in the same playing field as Assassin’s Creed or Shadow of War, Kingdom Come “is an indie game at heart – more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce – but with the visuals and production values of AAA game.”

Nonetheless, the game is still very popular despite all of the above, selling one million copies across all platforms since the launch date. As such, even those fans who have experienced every glitch and break possible, say there is a great game underneath it all.

Here at Nerd Much? for example, we have not yet reviewed the game due to the game-breaking glitches we’ve experienced. Our very own Bobby Bernstein describes it as a “hot mess” that was surprisingly good in the end. Immersion and combat are the headliners of Kingdom Come, but those bugs need to be fixed.

Hopefully, Klima will have the Warhorse team chipping away at those bugs, even after the game’s release – give it that polish the game so desperately needs. Kingdom Come does deserve a higher score because of its historical accuracy, which certainly lends to the immersion and smooth combat that will keep fans coming back for more.

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Source Warhorse Studios
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