Call of Duty: WWII Operation Shamrock & Awe Available Now

Activision has announced that their St. Patrick’s Day-themed community event, Operation Shamrock & Awe for Call of Duty: WWII. It is on now and will run until April 3rd and includes a new multiplayer playlist, two gear collections, special Orders and Contracts that comes with new loot.

First up with have a new map, Shipment 1944. This is a close-quarters map that reimagines the idea for new and old players. The map is free and available for Season Pass owners in early access starting today until March 16th. Those without a Season Pass can access Shipment 1944 after March 16th.

The new multiplayer playlist is called Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit and features Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Domination modes. Each of these modes will have a zombie leprechaun hidden somewhere on the map.

If you find it and manage to kill it, all of your equipped Scorestreaks will be full and ready to deploy. You can find this playlist under the Featured Public Match section right now. However, you can earn double experience points if you join anywhere between 17:00 pm GMT March 16 and 17:00 pm GMT March 19.

The loot included in the Shamrock & Awe event are St. Patrick’s Day-themed gear (uniforms, helmets, weapons, etc), and two new weapons, the M-38 Submachine Gun and MG 81 Light Machine Gun (both come with St. Patrick’s Day skins).

Activision is also releasing a major content update today with gear and weapons outside of the event. In addition, they have added the Gun Game and Prop Hunt back into the mode rotation with new maps.

The developers are changing how the Quartermaster and Supply Drop systems work, making it easier to get a wider range of weapons more often. You can now earn a lot of weapons through Orders and Contracts, with a reduction in the chance of duplicates.

Wear your shamrocks with pride and get out there today!

Source Activision
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