Detroit: Become Human Demo Tomorrow

Quantic Dream, developers of the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, have quite the celebration in order. The team has announced that their upcoming title has gone gold. And there’s a demo headed our way too.Quantic Dream has announced that Detroit: Become Human has gone gold. And to celebrate, the team is releasing a demo onto PlayStation 4 at midnight.

Co-CEO of the company, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, announced the news today. Stating that “Detroit: Become Human is no longer our game. Instead, it will soon become yours. Yours to play, to own, to hopefully cherish.”:

“The fate of Connor, Kara and Markus is in your hands, along with the fate of all other characters in the game. Through your decisions and actions, you will have the opportunity to become the writer, the director and the main protagonist of the most branching story we have ever created. A story made of hopes, fears, sadness but also of joy and happiness. A story as much about us, humans, as it is about androids.”

Fondaumiere, on behalf of David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream, went on to thank the fans who have supported Detroit: Become Human all throughout its development. And the folks that have supported them on the Sony/PlayStation side of things too.

To further celebrate, “and to help you pass the time as you hold on just a little while longer”, Quantic Dream will be releasing a demo for Detroit: Become Human too. The demo is comprised of the very first scene of the game, Hostage. It will go live tomorrow, April 24th at 12:01 a.m. Eastern.

The team also announced a new feature being built into Amazon Alexa devices. Dubbed CyberLife Skill, the Alexa extension can be downloaded to help tell the lore of the world that Quantic has created. It also works in conjunction with the demo itself to add deeper elements into the scenes you’ll investigate.

We don’t have much longer to wait now. Detroit: Become Human launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 May 25th. Giving you just enough time to finish up all that God of War has to offer first.

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