Battery Jam Coming to Early Access Later This Month

The developers at Halseo have announced a release date for their upcoming “competitive territorial battle arena game”, Battery Jam. They’ve also debuted a new trailer showcasing the what the unique title is all about.

In Battery Jam, players are in control of one of four “radical robots” roaming a small arena. The goal is to take over the most territory within the map. And to do so, players will utilize the game’s boomboxes to savage effect while attempting to avoid their opponent’s.

You can see the game’s robots volleying the boomboxes back and forth in the trailer above. Should an opposing boombox collide with your character, you’ll explode immediately. This pulls you from the match for a short period of time while you wait to respawn. It also grants your opponent ownership of the tiles surrounding said boombox’s explosion.

There’s more depth to just throwing boomboxes around though. You can also compete with the other robots on the map to raise and lower colored game tiles. This creates obstacles for the boomboxes when raised, and pitfalls for opponents to fall into when lowered.

The developers at Halseo have implemented two game modes to the core Battery Jam concept; Free-for-All and Team Jam. Each is self explanatory. But should one of your friends be much better than the rest of you, 1 v. 3 is also an option in Team Jam too.

Local co-op is available, as are matches against computer opponents only.           There will be six levels with the game at launch, “with more on the way”.

The soundtrack for the game looks to be a highlight. Fat Bard is handling the game’s music. They’ve been previously lauded for their work on Brawlout, Crashlands and Battle Chef Brigade.

Halseo has announced that Battery Jam is going to enter Steam Early Access on May 17th. You can prepurchase now at the linked address if you’re interested. The title is currently listed at $9.99.

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