No Man’s Sky Next Trailer Finally Gives Details

When No Man’s Sky Next was announced back in April, fans were hoping that the game we’ve all envision was finally on the way. And after watching Hello Games’ trailer for their impending update, it looks like we may be getting that wish.

The new No Man’s Sky Next trailer seems to be shouting to players that proper multiplayer is finally here. Throughout the video, your character is constantly roaming around environments with other players adventuring around you. You aren’t tethered together. These aren’t ghosts of prior gameplay. These are real players, playing their own game, interacting within the world asynchronously at the same time that you are.

You’ll have the option to form a small team to voyage the universe together. Or, you can be joined by random travelers across various worlds. Whether you play nice and work together, or become the next galactic super villain is entirely up to you.

No Man's Sky Next trailer

No Man’s Sky Next now sports “epic space battles with friends and enemies.” And you’ll now be able to race your exocraft across planets and create impromptu race tracks to share with your pals online. There will be shelters that you can craft with your friends to share on various planets. Hello Games say that these can vary from tiny abodes to complex constructions.

You’ll be able to customize your character to help you stand out from the crowd. And No Man’s Sky Next is now fully playable in third and first person, both in ship or on foot. The game as a whole is also getting a huge graphical upheaval. The devs state that planetary rings and space visuals “make space more beautiful than ever.” And in addition to that, there’s been dramatic upgrades to planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water, clouds, ships, NPCs and buildings.

As you attempt to dominate the galaxy, you can now do so as the Commander of a fleet of frigates. You can deploy various pieces of the fleet you assemble to help scour locations, or invite your friends along to help tackle new in-game missions.

The No Man’s Sky Next update sounds incredibly ambitious. It’s appears to be a huge leap forward for PlayStation 4 owners, and an incredibly entry point for those getting it on Xbox One. The newest version of No Man’s Sky drops on July 24th.

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