Fallout 76 Beta Update

A Community Administrator going by the name of jurassica dropped a bit of news regarding the upcoming Fallout 76 beta that’s headed our way. Specifically, when those eligible will be able to start jumping into the upcoming title’s online world.

It sounds as though the Fallout 76 beta will kickoff at some point in October. And as long as you pre-order your copy of the game at participating retailers, it appears as though everyone will get a shot to give the game a whirl:

“Starting in October we’ll be selecting people who have pre-ordered the game from a participating retailer to enter our B.E.T.A. We’ll start small and grow over time as we prepare for launch. Be sure you’ve read our F.A.Q., for details on how to redeem your B.E.T.A. code and other important details.

EDIT: To clarify, everyone who pre-orders at a participating retailer will be included in the B.E.T.A.”

As far as specific details on the game go, jurassica and Bethesda are remaining mum for the time being. “Things are still changing and being iterated on, so we cannot answer everything yet, but we encourage you to submit your questions.” However, jurassica did confirm that there will be a panel for the game at QuakeCon in Dallas next month. The event runs from August 9th through August 12th, and it’s likely here that we’ll get some finalized details on the upcoming Fallout 76 beta program.

If you can’t make the event live, there’s no need to worry. Bethesda will be live streaming the event via their Mixer channel so that you can catch it all from the comfort of your couch. The developers states that we’ll be getting fresh details on Doom Eternal during the show too.

If you want to be directly involved with the conversation, you can head over to the community page and direct your questions there. Or, jurassica states the team is monitoring the Fallout subreddits, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for viable questions too. With QuakeCon just a few weeks away, it’s not long before we finally start getting a solid idea of what to expect from the Fallout 76 beta, and the game itself as a whole.

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