4 Ways to Start Recording In-Game Videos That Are More Impressive


Do you want to record high quality and impressive in-game videos that are good enough to share on social media or publish on YouTube? The good news is that you don’t need a background in videography to do that – and just need to understand what it takes to record great in-game video footage.

To be honest learning how to record gameplay is easier than ever nowadays, so that part shouldn’t be a problem. The part that you need to focus on is the quality of the videos that you record, and there are 4 easy ways that you can improve that:

  • Record at the maximum display resolution

When you record a game you should record it at the resolution that it is displayed – which is essentially the maximum. The higher the resolution the more defined the images in your video will look, and it will allow your video to capture the game in all its glory.

  • Make sure the frame rate of the recording is between 30 to 60

Arguably the frame rate of the recording will help it look more impressive than the resolution, as it is what will determine how smooth and fluid the video looks. As far as possible you should make sure the frame rate of the recording is between 30 to 60 frames per second.

  • Lower the graphics settings of the game to increase its frame rate

It may seem strange that you would want to lower the graphics settings of the game, but it is basically to ensure that the game frame rate remains high (i.e. above 30). While it is true that this will mean the in-game graphics don’t look as good, it is a price that is more than worth paying if it helps you to keep the game frame rate high.

At the end of the day a high game frame rate will mean that the game looks smooth – and being able to record it as such will be much more impressive.

  • Don’t ignore the audio

Assuming you’re recording audio commentary to go along with your gameplay video – you should make sure that it sounds crisp and clear. If possible you should try to use a high quality microphone to record the audio and minimize background noise when recording, but if not at very least some post-processing may need to be done.

All the steps listed above should help you to record high quality in-game videos that really do look pretty amazing. That being said there is more that you can to do – especially when it comes to freeing up system resources so that there’s less demands placed on your PC. Using a resource-friendly game recorder such as Gecata by Movavi may help too.

At the end of the day you should try to record in the best quality possible – and adjust your in-game graphics settings so that the game itself still looks good. If you do that, you should definitely end up with impressive gameplay videos.

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