Bungie Announces T-Shirt To Help Aid Nepal

Bungie has just announced that it will aid Nepal by releasing a limited edition Destiny t-shirt that will help those who were affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal last week.

You can pre-order the shirt from now until May 24th for $24.99 from the official Bungie store. All of the profits raised will be “donated to recognized charities that provide direct relief efforts in Nepal.” The production of the t-shirts will begin on May 25 and will start being shipped to customers in early June. Those who decide to purchase the t-shirt will not only have the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause but Bungie is also including an exclusive in-game shader and exclusive in-game character emblem. Customers will receive these exclusive items through redeemable codes sent in an email. Bungie has stated that these codes will be “delivered and redeemable later in 2015.”

So if you find yourself with a little bit of extra cash this month, help by donating to those in Nepal by simply purchasing a great t-shirt from Bungie. It’s great to see Bungie step up and try and bring together the gaming community, and hopefully other developers and/or publishers will follow suit.

Bungie Nepal Aid

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