Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Reminds Us It’s Just Weeks Away

Nintendo has released a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer for our viewing pleasure. There’s nothing really new here to digest, just a bunch of Smash Bros. characters doing what Smash Bros. characters do. But it does remind us of one thing – the Nintendo Switch game is right around the corner.

We get to see a bunch of our fan favorite characters duking it out with other favorites in today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer. It’s ridiculous how many characters Masahiro Sakurai has stuffed into this game. Mario, Ryu, Link, Kirby, Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Samus, Dark Samus, Ridley, Palutena, Villager, Wolf, Young Link, Pichu – the list of characters within the trailer goes on and on, and they all get a moment to shine in the latest footage from the game.

The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer comes to us just hours after a purported complete roster leak for the game. Spoilers ahead for those that want to save the full list of characters for a later date. The evidence attempting to prove the game’s final unannounced characters looks to be legit.

The final seven characters that have yet to be revealed are Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog), Banjo Kazooie, Ken (Street Fighter), Isaac (Golden Sun), Mach Rider, Geno (Super Mario RPG) and The Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven). Shadow would be an Echo version of Sonic and Ken would be an Echo version of Ryu.

Of course, there’s nothing that confirms the legitimacy of the above characters, so take rumors of their inclusion with a grain of salt. But if you follow the bread crumbs laid out in the linked Reddit post, there are certainly a lot of coincidences that appear to add up.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer looks to remind us of something that no Smash fan is likely to forget – the game is a mere five weeks away. The Ultimate version of Super Smash Bros. lands on Nintendo Switch December 7th.

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