Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Recap: Ken and Incineroar as Final Fighters

Well, it didn’t take long for the director Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, to confirm to fans that all the hype over a reported leak was for nothing. Within the first few minutes of today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Sakurai confirmed there were just two yet to be revealed characters and then quickly introduced them.

A CG trailer began that saw Little Mac getting pummeled within his own ring. The camera pulls back and we see that it’s Street Fighter‘s Ken doing the damage. Sakurai breaks down the character a bit later. He’s an echo fighter to Ryu, so the majority of his moves are similar but there are quite a few differences to distinguish between them too.

As Ken’s trailer looked to be coming to a close, the final fighter for the game made his debut within the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. As rumored a while back, it is indeed the Pokémon Incineroar – and man does he look awesome.

Incineroar begins to demolish Ken in the ring using the various moves that the Pokémon will utilize as inspired by professional wrestling. He looks pretty damn cool. And with Incineroar’s inclusion, that locks the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster at 74.

Sakurai also confirm a bunch of new amiibo are on the way. Inkling, Ridley and Wolf will arrive alongside the game’s launch on December 7th. King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers are coming February 15th, 2019. And Isabelle, Pichu, Ken, Young Link and Daisy will arrive later in 2019.

An alarming tidbit was then dropped when the Direct confirmed that trophies would not be returning to the game. Instead, the newly announced Spirits mode will implement an insane amount of collectible characters from various game series that can affect matches within the mode. There are 4 different classes of collectible characters in Spirits; Standard, Advanced, Ace and Legend.

Sakurai then confirmed that there will be 59 total Assist Trophies in the game. Further backhanding the believers in the recent leaks, Shadow was shown. As was Isaac from the Golden Sun series. Here are the others that were confirmed to be appearing:

  • Black Knight – Fire Emblem
  • Thwomp – Super Mario
  • Spring Man – Arms
  • Dr. Wily Capsule – Mega Man
  • Flies & Hand – Mario Paint
  • Tiki – Fire Emblem
  • Vince – Art Academy
  • Guile – Street Fighter
  • Akira – Virtual Fighter

Sakurai then touched upon online a bit. For matchmaking the game will focus on three factors; your preferred rules, your Global Smash Power (ranking) and your proximity to other players to ensure a smooth experience. He also announced that should you be good enough, you’ll be eligible to participate in Elite Battles. Which is essentially just a subset of matchmaking that allows the best to compete against the best. Sakurai notes that this is the area of the game the developers will be focusing on to further balance the game after launch.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct also confirmed that voice chat will be done through the Nintendo Switch Online app. And there will be a Smash World app that you can download on mobile to share video and the like.

It was then confirmed that Century Smash and All-Star modes would be returning, with both available for play when you begin playing the game. You’ll be able to save replay that you can create custom videos with. And there’s a Records menu for both online and offline too.

While there’s just a mere 74 players at launch, Sakurai then went on to confirm that DLC is coming to the game after launch. Although none were announced, characters will be completely new with none being echo fighters.

Each DLC package will cost $5.99 and will include a fighter, a stage, and various music tracks. There will be 5 in total and should all be available by the end of 2019. Players can purchase Smash’s Fighter Pass for $25.99 to get them all at a bit of a discount.

This being Sakurai, there was a trick up his sleeve. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct then revealed that Super Mario’s Piranha Plant will be a DLC character. Sakurai stated that the character will be free for a limited time for those that purchase the game now. It was a bit confusing though what that means. It sounds as though you’ll have to purchase the game early directly through Nintendo to be eligible. They confirmed there will be a Piranha Plant amiibo coming in February too.

Finally, the Direct ended with it touching upon one of the most intriguing aspects we’ve seen – the game’s World of Light Adventure mode. There was a lengthily CGI trailer setting it up which showed an army of Master Hands coming for the entire Smash roster. They tried their best to defend themselves but were all turned to ash – all but Kirby.

Kirby escapes, and we then see a board game type setup that the character begins exploring. It looks like all of the characters have been turned into dark versions of themselves, and you must rescue them one by one, earning each that you defeat as a playable character.

There are ton of finer details in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that we didn’t cover here. Set aside 40 minutes when you can and check it out here.

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