New Rend Game Modes Arrive Next Week

If you’ve been pleading to the Norse gods hoping that some new Rend game modes would be headed our way, those prayers have been answered. The game just launched within Steam Early Access back in July, but the team at Frostkeep Studios is still obviously hard at work. The developers have announced that two new modes are on the way – Classic and Exploration.

The original mode of the game is now being rebranded as Faction War to avoid any confusion. In both the new Rend game modes Classic and Exploration, you’ll enter the world as a solitary survivor of Ragnarok. You’ll decided for yourself whether you want to team up and collaborate, or go it alone and seek all the glory for yourself.

Here is Frostkeep’s break down of both the Classic and Exploration Rend game modes:

“In Classic, players will be able to battle for supremacy by sieging each others’ bases, waging PvP wars, capturing Control Points, and collecting player bounties. Exploration will be a purely PvE experience without the ability to attack other players or their bases: play at your own pace without other players intervening.

While both modes allow players to band together in clans, all progression (such as research) is per-character and there will be no reputation system. Also, Classic and Exploration will still have harvestable spirits that reward XP and Spirit Residue but Yggdrasil’s spirit totals will remain unchanged. The Faction War game mode will mostly remain the same but will incorporate some of the gameplay improvements introduced with Classic and Exploration.”

Other than the new modes, there are numerous other changes coming to the game as a whole. Research Sparks will be tweaked to ensure balance across all of the new Rend game modes. They’ll now drop from creatures with each family type offering one of the four available.

Frostkeep says that Ascension Points are changing too. They’ll now be globally ranked as opposed to the per-server setup that was formerly in place. No matter which of the Rend game modes you get an Ascension Point for, you’ll have it recognized within your player account.

Frostkeep says that with the Patch 6 rollout taking place next Tuesday all of these new additions and changes will be implemented. For a more detailed breakdown of everything on the way, checkout the game’s roadmap here.

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