Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC Trailer is Here, Suits Announced

Well, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed it while it lasted. December 21st marks the conclusion of Spider-Man‘s The City That Never Sleeps content. Next Friday, Sony and Insomniac Games will drop pack number three which is their Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC. And they’re teasing it today with a trailer and our first look at the expansion’s new suits.

As you may have deciphered from the content’s title, the final installment of The City That Never Sleeps features Silver Sable once again in a prominent role. Here’s the story’s synopsis:

“Silver Sable has stormed back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech. With New York Police Chief Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave following her exploits against Hammerhead, Spider-Man will have to rely on unlikely allies to keep Marvel’s New York safe.”

As we saw in the last two DLC packs, the Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC will bring with it new missions, new enemies, and new crime types. There will be additional Hammerhead bases to take down and storyline quests to play through. For you trophy hunters out there, there are more of those. And there’s new challenges as well – and of course – new suits.

The final three suits for the game that come with the Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC are an Into the Spider-Verse suit, the Cyborg Spider-Man suit and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor. In an effort to promote Sony’s animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony is offering a voucher for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC, a dynamic theme, and avatars for those that preorder the movie from the PlayStation Store.

As far as we know, The City That Never Sleeps is the final piece of content coming our way for the game. Once Insomniac drops the Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC, we’ll have to wait until the inevitable Spider-Man sequel to continue the webhead’s story.

Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC

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