Drone Strike Airforce Trailer Depicts the Future of War

Odisi Games dropped a Drone Strike Airforce trailer, debuting their game to the world today.

The title is designed as a competitive multiplayer aerial shooter. But instead of typical aircrafts, players will instead pilot unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones.

It sounds as though Odisi Games put a lot of thought into the backstory behind of their aerial shooter too. As you can see within the Drone Strike Airforce trailer, the city the crafts are flying through appears devastated by some form of apocalyptic event.

The developers cite the effects of climate change as the key factor in the fall of many governments. Seeking a bailout, many of these nations sought financial backing by mega corporations such as MetaCorp.

Drone Strike Airforce Trailer

Many suspected MetaCorp of being driven by sinister motives, and folks began voicing their concerns publicly. To silence them, MetaCorp began weaponizing unmanned aerial vehicles that were nicknamed Silencer Drones. To fight back against their tyranny, an organization known as the Anonymous Decentralized Democracy began hacking MetaCorp’s Silencer Drones to turn against them. And thus, the setup for the drone vs. drone gameplay on display within the Drone Strike Airforce trailer.

The game will eventually launch on Steam, but Odisi confirmed that a closed beta will run through the weekend beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, 5:00 p.m. Pacific. It only lasts for three hours though, so you’ll need to jump in early to really get some time with it. A second closed beta is also scheduled for the weekend of March 22nd as well.

As of now, Drone Strike Airforce has nine drones to choose from. And with them come of the options of seven different skills, items, and perks to choose from each. Only one map is playable at this point, but Odisi confirms they plan on adding more content to the game continually.

You can find out more information on the game and sign up to enter the closed beta at the Drone Strike Airforce website.

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