Remedy’s Control Release Date Set for August

Remedy Entertainment’s next otherworldly game is nearly upon us. The studio announced the Control release date today, confirming the next Remedy experience isn’t too far off.

Remedy has set the Control release date for August 27th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We get to see our closest glimpse of the upcoming narrative driven action-adventure game yet in today’s trailer. And it looks as though the game borrows much from the company’s last outing, Quantum Break, which make sense as both titles are built upon the studio’s Northlight Engine.

In Control, you enter the mix as Jesse Faden. As a member of the Federal Bureau of Control, Faden is suddenly thrust into the role of the Bureau’s Director after her predecessor was killed by the enemy faction known as the Hiss.

This foreign, supernatural force must be stopped. And after Jesse’s emergence as the new Director, she’s been imbued with supernatural abilities that will aid in making her the perfect anecdote for the Hiss’ comeuppance of chaos.

With the reveal of the Control release date, Remedy and their publishing partners in 505 Games have confirmed that preorders have gone live too. There are a variety of options across the aforementioned platforms. If you’re interested you can read up on your choices here.

The game looks to be coming along nicely. Fadden’s supernatural abilities look as though they’ll be a ton of fun to wield. You can float mid-air while still lighting up your foes with bullets. And with Jesse’s telekinesis, anything in a given room seems like it can become an impromptu weapon.

With the Control release date set for August, we’ll likely get one more big blow out on the game from Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games at E3 2019. With their track record, it’s a 2019 game certainly worth getting excited about.

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