God’s Trigger Trailer Debuts Techland’s Latest Title

While many recognize the name Techland as the studio that developed the Dying Light series, the team also has a publishing arm as well. And that portion of the studio is hard at work today, as they’ve released a God’s Trigger trailer to reveal the publisher’s next project.

God’s Trigger isn’t developed by Techland though. Instead, they’ll publish the title that was developed by the team at One More Level. They describe it as “a brutal, fast-paced, top-down shooter, in which players can use supernatural powers to cause spectacular mayhem in a quest to stop the Apocalypse.”

The game can be played in both co-op and single player. The latter allows you to seamlessly switch between the main characters in the heat of battle. Harry is fallen angel, and Judy a demon, making the the pair a perfectly odd duo.

Each of the character’s sports 7 distinct abilities that you’ll utilize in battle. And you’ll have to use them wisely as “any hit is fatal”. To avoid that death, you use skill such as slowing down time and turning invisible. And you’ll also have an arsenal of 36 different weapons to help dispatch your foes.

As Harry and Judy, you can work together to create devastating combos on the battlefield. They duo can create a Wall of Fire that stops bullets and deals immense damage. And there’s another known as a Dark Vortex sucks enemies in and softens them up.

In Techland’s press release today, the studio indicated that they “are now developing two triple-A titles that are to be released within the next three years.” I don’t think God’s Trigger should be classified as such, so it’ll be quite interesting to see what, and when, the developer/publisher reveals what else they’re working on. One of the is presumably the already announced Dying Light 2.

For now though, we’ll have to just look forward to getting our hands on all the action seen within Techland’s God’s Trigger trailer. The studio announced that wait won’t be long. The game is releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on April 18th.

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